The Future of Bodyboarding

Throughout my digital artefacts in my Digital and Social Media Major, I always strive to find a way to link it to bodyboarding. I am passionate about this sport and therefore want to continue to develop ideas through different subjects and how I can link them to bodyboarding. You can find my past DA content here.

Throughout this digital artefact, I’m going to consider what the future of bodyboarding might look like through numerous predictions. I will observe the history of bodyboarding and attempt to make some predictions for the future. I will also include in-depth research of the current information on these technologies and their impact and issues.

Bell’s theory states that “the past is not a guide to the future”. However, I aim to cover a brief history of bodyboarding to identify historical trends and pinpoint its current state in 2020. Further, it is quite clear that the past is not a guide to the future, as the amount of bodyboarders around the world has decreased over the years. A current belief is that there has been a decline in numbers, due to the lack of a solid foundation for the next generation.

“With a lost foundation, the future is uncertain.”

Ricardo Estupiñán

DA Production Timeline

Background Research

Why The Future Of Live Sports Streaming Depends On AI

Bais suggests using ai to analyse audio signals, video images, people and objects, which camera to switch to, etc. He suggests that AI could learn an algorithm to generate appropriate replays and live stream content. 

The source also suggests AI could use motion tracking automated cameras, in any location. This further assists the demand for watching less popular sports, which would have difficulty getting coverage on tv. As well as assisting with costs due to the expense of broadcasting on live TV.

An Essay on the Future of Bodyboarding

Estupiñán puts forward an idea to change the way bodyboarders promote the sport. Shifting from advertising big, gnarly waves, to small, fun and safe waves. He also suggests that there should be a bigger focus on the younger generations by creating competitions and clinics for them in the future.

Using Social Media to Navigate Niche Sport Challenges

This source discusses how niche sports have limited opportunities to promote their sport through traditional media such as TV and print media. It suggests 3 marketing activities to help build numbers in niche sports:

– Information
– Interaction
– Promotion

The source links these activities to the power of social media to generate a culture and develop a brand. It further looks at historical trends and creating ways to connect beyond traditional media. 

9 thoughts on “The Future of Bodyboarding

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  1. Hey Sophie,

    I’ll be following your DA for the rest of the semester!

    I somehow knew you were going to do your DA on bodyboarding 😉 I absolutely love it! It would be really interesting to find out why there’s such a decline in bodyboarding.

    You did a really great job with research. You’ve backed up your points with great sources which will help your project evolve.

    I read somewhere not too long ago (can’t find the article anywhere) that there’s not nearly enough sponsorships which ultimately begins to somewhat disregard the sport on a professional level. There always seems to be emphasis on surfing in the mainstream media which might discourage kids from bodyboarding.

    Like you said, this would be a really great aspect to look into when it comes to bodyboarding on social media…how is it represented/underrepresented? Where was the shift in the media?

    I think it would be interesting to see the numbers on bodyboarding by country as well! You can compare/contrast trends by location which can help predict where the sport is going.

    I also like how you’re breaking down your project by focussing on different elements involved (camera equipment, broadcasting/streaming, advertising). All of this combined helps determine the future.

    With the different components that you’re looking at, I thought that this week’s reading is relevant to your DA. Sardar explains how everything is so extremely complex that we lose full control of the outcome. When we’re faced with an issue, we try to solve it, but there are always bits and pieces that are affected and not fixed.

    “So complexity, which has as much impact on physics and biology as on ecology, economics, security and international relations, teaches us an important lesson: the notions of control and certainty are becoming obsolete. There is no single model of behaviour, mode of thought, or method that can provide an answer to all our interconnected, complex ills.”

    In saying this, I think if you continue to look at the big picture of bodyboarding and everything else that is affected (tourism, climate change, surf culture, media, regulations) it will help predict the future of the sport.

    I also found this article that discusses the decline in bodyboarding…

    It ends with a utopian view on bodyboarding…

    “I think the sport of bodyboarding is growing in a very positive direction for the core that does it. Bodyboarders have been on the forefront of nearly every slab discovery for the past several years and will continue to do so because of their passion, lack of commercial influence, and skill. It would be very interesting to see what would happen if bodyboarders received the support that surfers receive.”

    Lastly, this article discusses sports tourism. Tourism is one of the largest industries (not at the moment) but the three main sport tourism behaviours are participating, watching (events), and visiting famous attractions (museums, tourism…hidden beaches). These three behaviours help encourage the future of bodyboarding.

    Let me know if you need help with your project- I can’t wait to see it goes!

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    1. Steff! Haha always try to bring bodyboarding into it!
      Yes exactly! I think there’s a change of direction, and a lot of people are interesting in chasing content rather than a title. I’m keen to explore that idea!
      Linking to Sardar;s quote is so helpful when looking at the big picture for the future, thankyou!
      I think that ESPN source will be useful too, as I can definitely see that! Bodyboarders are definitely individuals, and do it for the passion. I think that changes the view on the sport all together, as it isn’t regarded as a sport where you can make a living off of it.
      Thanks for your help Steff!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Sophie,

    I love how you have continuously involved your passion for bodyboarding in all of your DA’s and I am excited to be tracking the procedure and progress of this semesters DA.

    You have really utilised the weekly lecture content, especially through your interactions with Wandell Bell’s work. I believe you should put emphasis on your use of “the past is not a guide to the future”. While doing my own personal research, I found that there was a lot of negativity surrounding bodyboarding and many articles (including scholarly) that focus on the risk and injury as a result of bodyboarding. I feel as though this quote could be utilised extremely powerfully in attempting to shift from the negative aura surrounding bodyboarding.
    You could use this when discussing the media and current issues and promote articled, such as the one I have listed below which focus on the positive stories and people’s passion, like yourself for bodyboarding. “I’ll continue to compete until my body stops me”.

    I additionally found this article which discusses the International Bodyboarding Corporation’s (I.B.C.) plans and goals for the future of bodyboarding.
    I thought this may be useful in seeing whether any of their goals align with your predictions.

    Lastly, with your interest in the use of AI, I have found a scholarly article that discussed the use of AI in performance evaluations.
    This could be of use to you as you could discuss the possibility of this, and how performance evaluation could assist in improving individuals techniques and possibly reducing risks and harm caused by the sport.

    I hope these sources help out a bit, I can’t wait to see the progress of this DA.

    Jasmine 🙂

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    1. Hey Jasmine!
      Thankyou so much. You’ve sparked a few ideas for my DA!
      It’s an interesting time in the sport at the moment, now having a new format and the potential wave pool competitions. It’s also interesting to see the decline in competition numbers, as I think the stoke for the sport still exists, I think it’s just not all comp focused.
      That AI article is so helpful, thankyou! Such a foreign idea which I’m keen to explore. Thanks for sharing!


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