The Future of Bodyboarding // Mini Series // DA

I have created a series of videos about the Future of bodyboarding by conducting background research, interviews and creating my own predictions for short, medium and long term. Further, I was able to create 4 interviews with professional bodyboarders, Mike Stewart, Joana Schenker, Ryan Hardy and Ben Player.

Video 1: Part 1 & 2

In this video, I discuss wave pools and camera technologies. What do they look like in 2020 and what could the future include?

Video 2: Part 3 & 4

In part 3 I discuss surf forecasting and how it has already impacted the sport and what it might look like in the future. Listen in to here what professionals Joana Schenker and Mike Stewart had to say.

Part 4 looks into the current and future materials of bodyboards, wetsuits and fins, as well as environmental impacts and consideration.

Video 3: The Future is Now


A shorter video focusing on what I would like to see locally, nationally and globally. Including some things about the future of bodyboarding which are happening now, including some of the incredible women in our sport. I hope it can help inspire all bodyboarders all to get involved!

What Do the Pros Think?

 Interviews with some of the best

  1. Mike Stewart

2. Joana Schenker

3. Ben Player

4. Ryan Hardy

1) What’s something you see in the very near future of bodyboarding?

A strengthening of social clubs both in Australia and around the world and increase in participation as people reconnect with the value of having fun (in response to such crisis events as COVID19) in one’s life and that’s the key element around life on the boogie in the waves!

2) If you could create absolutely anything to help with bodyboarding, what would it be?
I believe on a personal level that bodyboarding can help improve your quality of life in every aspect of emotional and physical health.

With that said, if I were able to do anything to help contribute to the evolution and strength of bodyboarding as a sport that people participate in and associate themselves with I would create a communication hub that could allow any bodyboarder the chance to connect with another bodyboarder at any level….be it total beginner connecting to a pro or online coaching platform or wave pool bodyboard club.  Essentially it would allow a bodyboarder the chance to connect with like minded people and further their excitement and experience with the sport.

3) If every bodyboarder could do one thing to help the future of bodyboarding what would it be?

Speak honestly to anyone that is curious about your bodyboarding and pour your heart to them about the fun, the adventure, the thrills, excitement and fulfilment that bodyboarding gives you and not only do your warm your own heart and lift your own spirits, but you spread that good energy outwards and with that strong love energy you are promoting your sport in a very bright, positive light simply by speaking your truth about the way bodyboarding makes you feel.

4) Does bodyboarding need more numbers? Or does it need more dedication? Or is it a new journey?

I think bodyboarding, as a professional sport particularly, is something that will be forever evolving and constantly moving through different cycles relevant to the industry and world which surrounds it.
In the current stage of life that we find ourselves in, money drives everything and so for our sport to progress to it’s next stage of professional success to allow for professional events and professional athletes living a full time career, the sport needs money.
The sport will forever remain strong with participation and passion from it’s enthusiasts, however in the short term, it’s success as a professional sport and opportunities for full time professional athletes will depend entirely on an influx of money coming from outside of the sport’s current manufacturing industry.

Cool Soph!! I hope this info helps and gets your own creative mind ticking!! Looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing where bodyboarding takes us all in the future, Wohooooooo!!!

– Ryan 🙂





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